What do the boarding students do during breaks when the boarding houses are closed?

登机 houses are closed during long breaks (Christmas Break, Thanksgiving Break and Spring Break). 因此, Brook Hill assists boarding students in finding host homes if they opt to not travel home during breaks. 而大多数学生回家过圣诞假期, many of our students take advantage of host homes during Thanksgiving Break and Spring Break. We ask our students to pay their host family $50 for each day that they stay with them. 登机 parents also arrange domestic trips if there is interest that the students can take part in if they choose for a reasonable cost.


Yes, students are allowed to own and drive vehicles while boarding at Brook Hill. 学生必须持有有效的美国签证.S. drivers license, be passing all classes and be in compliance with all residential life policies. This is a privilege and not a right that can be revoked or suspended at any time by the Director of Residential Life. Students must honor all curfew times and sign out with the house parent on-duty before leaving campus. The student will give their car keys to the boarding house parents upon arriving home.


Unless a student already has a bank account that they want to retain and use, 学生可以在Southside银行开设学生银行账户, 这家公司在布拉德有分部吗. 该帐户为学生提供借记卡,但不提供支票, 消除透支他们账户的可能性. At least five trips per week are taken to the bank branch for those students who need to go to the bank that week.


书籍和制服可以在到达布鲁克山后订购. 一旦学生有了课程表, a member of the Residential Life Staff will assist them in ordering their books. 如果学生在到达之前已经有了他的时间表, 他可以上网订购课本, 把他们运到布鲁克山. 书籍的费用粗略估计在300美元到800美元之间.

The Residential Life Staff will also assist students in the purchase of their 制服. 在他们到达的第一周内,学生可以试穿 Landsend 制服. The amount of 制服 students purchase can be determined by how often they do laundry. 例如, the more a student does laundry the less clothing he will need to purchase and vice versa. 制服的成本大约在200美元到500美元之间.

When my student has a flight, what are the customary arrangements for getting to and from the school?

Complimentary shuttle services are provided from Brook Hill to Tyler Pounds Regional Airport, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and Dallas Love 场 at the beginning of the school year, 在学校主要假期前后, 在学年结束的时候. We ask that parents and students make every effort to book their flight through to Tyler whenever possible for ease of shuttling. 除指定服务外,任何需要的穿梭服务, 免费接送时间将收取费用. 所有达拉斯班车都是120美元. 到达拉斯的班车服务,除了休息和节假日,单程120美元. Shuttle service to Houston is not encouraged, but when necessary is $380 each way.


Since the girls’ and boys’ houses are laid out differently the number of students per suites varies.

In the girls’ house there are up to four students per suite, with two students in each room. In the boys’ house there are four or five students per suite with two or three per room. Also in each suite there is a private bath with two private showers, two sinks and a toilet. 每个套房都有自己的温度计来控制气候.


Each semester the students receive a boarding event calendar which shows the many activities available for students. 一些活动包括游乐园, 水上公园, 狩猎, 电影院, 彩弹射击, 职业体育赛事, 购物中心和许多其他的体验. The entire costs of these events and excursions are all covered for the students by the boarding program. In addition to these off-campus weekend activities students can also enjoy fun activities on campus like volleyball, 足球, 重量和健身训练, 钓鱼和羽毛球, 举几个例子. There are also events planned for the boarding community such as International Night, 国家阅兵, 和节日聚会, 比如圣诞节, 情人节和农历新年. Besides all of this there are a number of sporting events on campus that students may attend or even compete in if they are on the teams, 喜欢棒球, 足球和篮球比赛以及足球比赛. On Sundays students choose from among several churches to attend representing a variety of Christian denominations. 最后, students are also afforded opportunities to get off campus at least five times during the week to go shopping at local department and grocery stores, 在那里他们可以享受到各种各样的美食吧, an ice cream parlor and a coffee cafe all while listening to live music on a relaxing veranda deck. We work hard to see that our students have all the opportunities that they need to enjoy life after working hard in the classroom, 在舞台上, 在球场上,一个在球场上, 一周中的每一天.


登机 tuition and fees are located on the 学费 and Fees section of our website.




Also keep in mind that parents can order birthday care packages for their child to help them celebrate their special day. Birthday care packages are $50 and contain a variety of special treats and thoughtful gifts that tell your child, "我爱你"从千里之外传来.

如欲为您的孩子索取护理包裹,请联络. Regenea White,自然资源部行政助理: (电子邮件保护).


Study Hall is held in the Bell Library and in boarding houses from 6:30 to 8:00 PM Monday through Thursdays. 周五或周六晚上没有自习室. Study Halls are monitored by our Residential Life Student Supervisors who keep the environment quiet and conducive for studying. There are also smaller study rooms in the Bell Library and in each boarding house that students can use for group work. 每星期一检查一次成绩, and if a student is failing a class their Study Hall is extended until 8:30 PM. Students on the Honor Guard (All A’s and B’s) may opt out of study hall and even enjoy off-campus activities during normal study hall times.


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